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Lil' + Big Pop Succulent Bundle

Lil' + Big Pop Succulent Bundle

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Inspired by the rosette shapes and chubby petals of succulent plants, this pillow adds a delightful touch of bloom in any space. Each pillow’s petals are hand assembled. Each pillow unique.

Our succulent pillows are a great plant gift alternative that won't die! No watering or maintenance needed, and our 3D succulent pillows stay in plump shape.

This set contains 2 pillows:

1 x Succulent Pillow (Lil Pop)
1 x Succulent Pillow (Big Pop)
• Approx. 15-16 in. wide (Lil' Pop)
• Approx. 20 in. wide (Big Pop)
• 100% polyester stuffing and micro plush cover
• Surface clean only
• Machine wash not recommended
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Unwind in nature's embrace!

Create your personal oasis Plant Shaped Pillows. Whether you choose one Succulent Pillow as a statement piece or gather a garden of Philodendron Pillows, these Leaf, Succulent, and Flower pillows offer endless possibilities to infuse your space with nature's charm. A single succulent or leaf pillow can add a touch of whimsy to a reading nook or a cozy corner, providing a serene focal point. Or, collect a variety of shapes and sizes to transform your living room or bedroom into a lush, green sanctuary, perfect for relaxing or entertaining. With each pillow, you're not just decorating; you're cultivating a unique environment that reflects your love for nature and your flair for creativity. Let these pillows be the seeds from which your dream space blossoms!

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