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Liven up your space and get things blooming with our succulent pillows! Inspired by the rosette shape and chubby petals of succulent plants, these are designed for those who can’t get enough of their favorite plants - and want to lounge around with them. Shop now and get yours!

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Make Your Home Bloom With Our Succulent Pillows

At Green Philosophy, we recognize the importance of connecting to nature. But, most of everyday life takes place indoors. After all, we live, work, and learn indoors - for the most part at least. This can leave many of us feeling disconnected from nature. To help minimize the effects this can have on you over the course of time, you can bring plant life indoors. But to truly brighten up your space and make it bloom? You need some succulent leaf pillows!

Our founder tried to find pillows like these on her own - but to no avail. Thus, she decided to create her own! This spawned the first succulent throw pillow, and we’re still here innovating and improving upon its origin today.

Here at Green Philosophy, we take great pride in helping people like you enjoy the soothing effects of nature from the comfort of their bedroom, living room, or office. Now, creating a space that promotes your wellbeing and helps you feel more in tune with nature is easy. Our fun, funky, and functional succulent throw pillows are a welcome addition to any space.

Why Buy Succulent Leaf Pillow At Green Philosophy?

What makes Green Philosophy the best place to buy a succulent leaf pillow online? Simple - our designs are as stunning as they are functional. These are pieces you’ll be proud to show off to anyone who comes by, and they’re pieces you’ll be excited to relax with at the end of a long day. They’re comforting and comfortable. 

But, the Green Philosophy brand is about more than just bringing nature indoors - it’s about preserving the nature we have out in the real world. That’s why we have taken on the mission of planting trees, giving back to the mother nature we love so much. By partnering with Trees for the Future, we’ve helped plant more than 319,665 trees and counting! This organization is also helping put an end to hunger and poverty. By purchasing your succulent pillow today, you’re doing your part to give back and keep our world spinning safely.

While we’re certain you’re going to love your new succulent leaf pillow, you don’t just have to take our word for it. Our customer reviews speak for themselves, take a look at them here and see firsthand what people just like you think after taking a chance on our pillows!

The Different Types Of Succulent Throw Pillows We Offer 

Once you start browsing the catalog we offer, you’ll be overwhelmed by the diverse selection of succulent pillows we offer. There are so many different colors to choose from that you’ll have no problem finding one that perfectly complements your space - olive green to sage green, blush peach to celestial rose, baby blue moon, and more. You can even choose from Lil Pop pillow or Big Pop pillows. And, succulent throw pillows are just one type of pillow we offer - you’ll also gain access to other styles like our typical leaf shaped pillows, monstera pillows, and even leaf blankets. Decorate your entire space as you see fit - it’s easy, affordable, and will be the talking point among all guests who stop by!

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