Collection: Giant Leaf Blankets

These oversized blankets, resembling giant leaves, are soft and comforting to touch, providing comfort and coziness on chilly days. They come in vibrants greens, adding a touch of nature to any home decor. These blankets also serve as statement pieces, drawing the eye and starting conversations about their unique shape and vibrant design making them a whimsical and practical addition to any living space.

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Bundle Up With Our Leaf Blanket & Bring The Great Outdoors Inside!

We know how many people are stuck inside all day - whether it be due to work, school, you name it. This is the reality for a large portion of the world. The problem? It’s easy to become disconnected from the world when you don’t get outside and touch grass, breathe fresh air, admire your favorite plants - you get the point. What can be done, though? A great first step is bringing some of your favorite plants into your space. But then, you can tie the whole vibe together with a one-of-a-kind leaf shaped blanket by Green Philosophy!

Here at Green Philosophy, we recognize the importance of being surrounded by greenery if you’re stuck inside. It can transform your mindset and keep you feeling fresh and connected throughout the day. That’s what spawned our brand - when our founder was unable to find the type of plant decor she was seeking. Instead of giving up, she decided to do something about it - and make her own! Fast forward to today and our catalog is chock-full of high-quality plant decor. From succulent pillows to leaf pillows, and of course, leaf blankets.

What Makes Our Leaf Shaped Blanket So Special?

When it comes to plant decor, pillows, and blankets - you can’t beat the collection we offer here at Green Philosophy. Not only are our creations one-of-a-kind, but they’re of the highest quality. They’re built to last, so you can enjoy your new favorite blanket year after year. 

Our leaf shaped blanket is double layered with fleece - and way oversized, so you can cuddle up under this thing with your favorite human. There’s room for everyone. But not only that - this blanket doubles as a snuggly cape!

It’s inspired by Philodendron Gloriosum plants, which are characterized by contrasting veins against velvet green heart shaped leaves. This blanket looks just like the real thing - perfectly capturing the essence of the plant. This blanket is as practical as it is whimsical - it’s fun to look at, and will be the talking point every time you have guests over. But make no mistake - it’ll also be the first blanket you reach for when things get a bit chilly and you want to bundle up. Or, use it as a rug, a play mat for the kids, or hang it on the wall as a tapestry - there are no shortage of ways to use this blanket!

The best part? When you shop here at Green Philosophy, you’re doing your part to help in conserving our planet. We partner with Trees for the Future to help plant trees in areas that need it most. And, we’re alongside them as they seek to end poverty and hunger by helping farmers across the world. This is a leaf shaped blanket you can feel good about buying.

Leaf Blankets Are Just Part Of What We Offer 

Along with leaf shaped blankets, we also have a full catalog of pillows - featuring succulents, monstera plants, and typical leaves. Upgrade your entire space today and bring nature indoors - you won’t regret it!

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