Who is Green Philosophy Co.?

Who is Green Philosophy Co.?

Green Philosophy Co. sprouted when we crafted a unique succulent-shaped pillow. This creation sparked the birth of our exclusive line of plant-inspired decorative items. We are a small women-led team, committed to delivering unique designs, exceptional customer service, and leveraging our deep understanding of nature to bring a touch of serenity into every home.

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Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

At Green Philosophy Co., our name reflects our core belief: nature-inspired décor not only enhances living spaces but also improves quality of life by uplifting moods and fostering productivity. We are deeply inspired by the natural world, which has the power to both humble and empower us. The color green, symbolizing life, nature, freshness, safety, healing, and harmony, is a constant source of inspiration in our designs.

Committed to making a positive impact, we proudly partner with Trees for the Future, ensuring that with every purchase, we contribute to planting trees in developing nations, furthering our philosophy of nurturing and giving back to the environment.

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Adorable. Perfect pop of texture in a sea of otherwise standard pillows (to keep the critters off the sofa). Now I make keep that black covered Euro (behind it) after all!


Bonnie C.

My little bug lover needed these pillows to complete his bedding experience. Not only are these incredibly soft and fluffy, they're exactly what he wanted and have become treasured comfort items.


Alicia B.

My granddaughter came to visit. I had purchased her a blanket last Christmas for her house and she loves it. I got a pillow and blanket leaf for my house so she would be comfy. As you can see…it worked.


Leanna F.

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