The Allure of Cottagecore
and Nature-Inspired

Reconnecting with Nature

         In recent years, there's been a growing fascination with aesthetics that bring us closer to nature and the simpler times of yesteryear. One such popular style that has captured the hearts of many is Cottagecore. For those drawn to the charm of rural life, Cottagecore offers a rose-tinted peep into pastoral living, while similar nature-inspired aesthetics like Goblincore celebrates the often overlooked aspects of nature. In an age where urbanization and technology dominate, these styles offer a refreshing escape, a return to the earthy roots and simpler times.

The Rich Tapestry of Nature-Inspired Aesthetics Beyond Cottagecore

         With the help of social media, platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok have played a significant role in popularizing these aesthetics. Cottagecore, with its dreamy, countryside-living charm, is just one of the many nature-inspired aesthetics that have captivated the imaginations of people around the world. Each of these "cores" offers a unique interpretation of our relationship with nature, and simpler ways of life. Whether you're enchanted by the whimsy of fairies, the earthiness of goblins, or the lore of mythical lands, there’s likely an aesthetic that resonates deeply with you. Let's explore some of these enchanting themes:

  • Cottagecore: Cottagecore is all about loving the simple, countryside life. Imagine spending your days gardening, baking, or cozied up with some knitting. It's like stepping into a relaxed world where life moves a little slower. Think comfy rooms filled with plants, floral patterns, and natural materials. It's super cozy, down-to-earth, and really about finding joy in the little, everyday things. 

Collage of nature-inspired decor with animal skull, plant illustrations, and decorative items on a green background.
  • Goblincore: Embracing the darker aspects of nature, Goblincore is an aesthetic that finds beauty in the 'imperfect' and 'unusual'. It revels in mossy landscapes, mushrooms, frogs, and snails, celebrating a more rugged and untamed version of nature. It’s for those who find cozy magic in the undergrowth and the damp, shadowy parts of the woods.

A collage of garden-themed items including mushroom decorations, gnome figurine, leaf-shaped objects, and teacups.
  • Gnomecore: Gnomecore taps into the whimsical and charming world of garden gnomes and their mythical lore. It’s marked by a fascination with small, hidden things, and a love for the playful and the quaint. Imagine tiny houses, miniature gardens, and a penchant for the magical creatures that dwell in old forests and hidden glens.

A woman in a green leaf patterned cape with a collage of various green home decor items.
  • Fairycore: This aesthetic draws inspiration from fairy tales and the ethereal aspect of nature. Fairycore is all about the enchanting and mystical – think soft pastels, light fabrics, wildflowers, and delicate, whimsical motifs. It’s a world where magic is real, and every tree and brook seems to whisper stories from ancient times.

Elegant bedroom with botanical theme, featuring furniture and decor inspired by plant and leaf shapes.
  • Middle-Earth Aesthetic: Inspired by the mythological landscapes of J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings," this aesthetic combines elements of both natural beauty and epic fantasy. It’s a harmonious blend of rustic simplicity and the grandeur of mythical civilizations, appealing to those who dream of adventurous quests and legendary tales woven into their everyday lives.

          Each of these aesthetics offers a unique way to connect with different aspects of nature and fantasy. They allow you to express your personality and find comfort in the elements of the natural world that you feel most drawn to. Whether you're decorating your home, planning your wardrobe, or just looking for a way to escape the mundane, these enchanting themes offer a path to a more magical world, shaped by the beauty and mystery of nature.

Incorporating the Lure of Nature to Create a Safe and Welcoming Space


A cozy indoor picnic setup with plush cushions and a spread of food and drinks.

         Whether you live in a dorm, small apartment, spacious house, or a cabin in the woods, there are many ways you can bring in nature while creating room for your personality. It's about crafting an environment that reflects your personality and resonates with your sense of comfort.

Pin Point areas in your home you’d like to revitalize. This could be a specific corner, a room, or a wall space. Consider the function and flow of these areas to enhance their utility and appeal.

Curate personal items. Gather items that hold sentimental value or bring you joy. This can include books, photographs, handcrafted items, graphic mugs or anything that tells your story. These personal touches add uniqueness to your space.

Consider all your senses:

Sight Arrange visually appealing elements like vibrant plant pillows, whimsical fairy lights, or rustic wooden decor to catch the eye.

Touch Introduce a variety of textures. Soft, plush pillows, knitted blankets, and smooth ceramic mugs add layers of tactile pleasure.

Taste Keep a selection of herbal teas or natural snacks in beautifully designed jars or containers, blending functionality with your style.

Sound Curate a calming playlist that complements your aesthetic. Nature sounds, acoustic music, or gentle instrumentals can enhance the ambiance. Check out our curated playlist for inspiration.

Smell Use scented candles, incense, or room sprays to infuse your space with fragrances that evoke the outdoors, like pine, lavender, or earthy musk.

Create your cozy nest. Make sure there’s a comfy spot to rest. A cushy armchair with a soft throw blanket, a window seat adorned with leaf pillows, or a quaint reading nook with a mountain of succulent pillows can become your personal escape within your home.

Display and arrange with care. Showcase your collections and treasures thoughtfully. Arrange books, plants, pillows, blankets, and knick-knacks in a way that is visually appealing yet functional. Remember, even in a cluttered Goblincore style, there's beauty in organized chaos. These smaller details can tie the whole look together.

Harmony and Community in Nature-Inspired Aesthetics

         These aesthetics offer more than just visual appeal. They embody a lifestyle that promotes mental well-being and fosters a sense of community among their enthusiasts. In embracing these themes, we find not only an opportunity for creative expression but also a stepping stone to tranquility and mindfulness. The communities that have blossomed around these styles provide a supportive and nurturing environment, where individuals can connect, share experiences, and thrive together. Whether through a shared love for rustic decor, a passion for green living, or the joy of DIY crafting, these aesthetics remind us of the importance of connecting with both nature and each other for our overall well-being.

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