Wondering how to get the most out of your Green Philosophy Co. plant pillows?
In this new series, we’ll look at some great uses for these pillows - like enhancing your seating areas!

It’s safe to say plant pillows have already become our signature item here at Green Philosophy Co. So there’s a good chance that’s what you’re here for, whether you’re interested in our classic succulent pillow line or newer products like our leaf-inspired pillows. But do you know how you’ll use your new plant pillows once they arrive?

To help you get the most out of our products, the team here at Green Philosophy Co. is kicking off a new series of blog articles all about aesthetic room décor ideas that feature our plant pillows. This article will share examples of how these pillows can elevate chairs, sofas, and other places to sit!


Curl Up With A Good Book – And A Good Pillow

Styled by Green Philosophy Co. 

First, here’s a look at how our pillows can add visual contrast and natural beauty to your reading nook or similar space. Our new “Serene Green” Philodendron Gloriosum pillow goes perfectly with this light pink chair, instantly putting anyone who happens to visit in a relaxing headspace. If you’re interested in creating a pastel aesthetic in your home, this pillow is the right choice for you!

Go To Your Happy Place

Styled by @cee_ruthless

The natural world is excellent at helping people disconnect from the fast pace of modern society, and the same goes for cottagecore-inspired bedrooms like the one pictured here. With Green Philosophy Co.’s “Jungle Green” Monstera Deliciosa pillow – and, in this case, a rattan chair covered with artificial flowers – you can create nature-inspired spaces in your very own home. When you’re done, this whimsical approach to home décor will leave you feeling like a fairy in a country cottage all your own.


The Finishing Touch

Styled by Green Philosophy Co.

Color schemes are crucial when it comes to interior design, but the role played by texture is just as important. This succulent arrangement of colors and textures features both a plush taupe armchair and our equally soft, but beautifully pastel “Blush Peach” Succulent plush pillow. Just remember to be careful with the cactus in the background – unlike our succulents, plants like these aren’t pleasant to the touch!

Feel Free to Mix and Match

Styled by @innalestarie

Pillows from Green Philosophy Co. can create a plant aesthetic on their own. However, you can combine them with other nature-inspired décor items to further enhance this effect! Here, our Anthurium Clarinervium pillow is accompanied by cactus-themed pillows, a potted plant, and subtle – yet striking – rattan wall art. This approach to décor is perfect if you’d like to create a boho living room like this one.

Black Is the New Green

Styled by Green Philosophy Co.

Here at Green Philosophy Co., many of the pillows we sell come in shades of green – it is in our company’s name, after all! But Mother Nature paints in all sorts of colors, as seen in the dark green to black hues of the Alocasia Frydek. Our “Obsidian” Alocasia Frydek pillow adds a dramatically dark touch to this otherwise light, airy lounge space. Consider this pillow for interior areas marked by modern lush décor and a minimalist approach to color.

The More, The Merrier

Styled by @jayelauryn

What’s the perfect match for your Green Philosophy Co. plant pillow? That’s right – another plant pillow! The modern Western/rustic living space seen in this photo features a “Sage Green” Succulent plush pillow and a “Jungle Green” Monstera Deliciosa pillow on a brown leather chair for twice the nature-inspired beauty and twice the plush comfort.

Think About All Your Seating Areas

Styled by Green Philosophy Co.

Decorating chairs and sofas is easy enough, but are there seating areas in other parts of your home that haven’t gotten the same amount of care? For example, this entryway bench could be at risk of blending into its surroundings – that is, if it weren’t for the pops of color provided by an Anthurium Clarinervium pillow and a small plant. This charming addition will give visitors a unique welcome to your home!


Natural Inspiration Meets the Real Thing

Styled by @max_lemke_

Along with our company’s pillows, why not use actual plants to decorate your space? This corner features our “Jungle Green” Monstera Deliciosa pillow and “Sage Green” Succulent plush pillow. The pillows have been placed on a quirky chair – while its unique shape would grab attention on its own, the bright greens of our pillows allow the chair to catch the eye more easily than ever. Meanwhile, this seating area is surrounded by potted and hanging plants, along with a few books on how to care for houseplants.

Show Us Your Whimsical Décor!

We hope these examples have motivated you to find new and creative uses for your plant pillows, no matter what interior space you use them in. If you’ve improved a seating area with Green Philosophy Co. pillows, leave a comment below!

On the other hand, if you’ve had any brilliant ideas for decorating with Green Philosophy Co. products, now’s the time to share them with the world. Future articles in this series will also showcase photos from our customers. So snap a shot of your interior decorating prowess in action and send it our way – we might feature your picture in an upcoming blog article!

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OMG – if only you made the flowers in purple or pink or blue – any color but green – you would sell out in a heartbeat. Please consider adding color to your flowers.

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