Plant Pillows x Bedrooms

Green Philosophy Co.’s interior styling blog series on getting the most from our plant pillows continues!

Today, we’ll show you some creative ways you can use these pillows for bedroom styling.

Recently, we published an article about how Green Philosophy Co.’s customers have improved their seating areas with our quirky plant pillows. That article was the first entry in a series focusing on nature-inspired home styling inspo – a series we’re continuing today. Today, we’ll explore ways to take your bedroom to the next level with our pillows.

Just like in our article on plant pillows and seating areas, this blog will feature all sorts of photos from Green Philosophy Co. fans and the home décor experts on our team. Read on – you might find a bedroom styling idea you never knew you needed!


A Natural Fit

Styled by @itsisabellerose

Beds and pillows go together like peanut butter and chocolate, so finding a place to put plant pillows in your bedroom shouldn’t be too challenging. Here, Green Philosophy Co.’s Anthurium Clarinervium Leaf Pillow provides a visual “pop” of color contrasting the off-white tones defining its surroundings. The plush pillow also blends nicely with the soft textures of the bed it’s lying on. Additionally, it serves as an ideal counterpart to the plants on display around the room – making this space a quietly plant-themed bedroom.

Feel the Softness

When you’re decorating a bedroom, it’s important to balance style and comfort. There’s no denying that this bed already looks cozy on its own. Still, when you add our Anthurium Clarinervium Leaf Pillow and “Khaki Green” Anthurium Warocqueanum Plush Pillow to the mix, you’ll find it even easier to relax. Additionally, they’ll help you mix up your room’s color scheme!

Strength in Numbers

If a single Green Philosophy Co. pillow is enough to enhance your bedroom, why not go the extra mile by adding more than one to this space? This bed is home to a smorgasbord of our most popular pillows, including the “Sage Green” Succulent Plush Pillow and the “Obsidian” Alocasia Frydek Plush Pillow. These pillows also reinforce the room’s botanical décor, which appears in obvious (the large leaf to the bed’s left) and understated ways (the presence of textures like yarn and wood).

Variations on a Theme

Styled by Brittany T.

Many bedrooms featured in this article use pillows to add color to otherwise neutral spaces, but that’s not the case here. While the “Olive Green” Succulent Plush Pillow at the center of this bed doesn’t blend into its surroundings, it’s not the only colorful thing in sight, either. Instead, it’s accompanied by nature-inspired sheets and textured green pillows, all of which stand out from the bed’s dark headboard.

All The Bed’s A Stage

By day, this pair of “Moody Green” Philodendron Plush Pillows certainly aren’t at risk of being ignored. But when night falls, they’ll be even harder to miss. Look closer at the wall above the bed – and more specifically, the bronze accent light to the right. When that light turns on after sunset, the pillows will be right in the center of its beam, effectively giving them the spotlight!

Variety Is the Spice of Life

One of the greatest things about our plant pillows is that many of them come in alternate colors. By mixing and matching what pillows you have on display, you can subtly change the vibe of your bedroom to fit your current mood. We’ve demonstrated this here with our “Sage Green,” “Olive Green,” and “Blush Peach” Succulent Plush Pillows. Of course, it’s easy to use this technique with any Green Philosophy Co. pillows offered in multiple colors!

Embrace a Minimal Mindset

On the other hand, some interior decorating enthusiasts prefer to keep things simple. If you fit that description, we recommend enhancing your space with a single, eye-catching plant pillow. The bold lines and dark colors of our “Forest Green” Alocasia Frydek Plush Pillow make it a perfect fit for this job. It can stand out while matching the sleek furniture and geometric shapes that define this modern bedroom.

Open Your Curtains, Open Your Mind

Styled by @katiecat

At Green Philosophy Co., all our products use nature as an inspiration. Because of that, they’re a great fit with the outside world – and you can let Mother Nature into your space by opening your windows! The natural scenery and light provided by these bold corner windows is an ideal fit for our “Jungle Green” Monstera Deliciosa Leaf Pillow, along with this bed’s warm goldenrod comforter and its mix of other colorful textured pillows.

Keep Your Photos Coming!

Hopefully, this article has given you some interior styling ideas for getting the most out of your Green Philosophy Co. pillows. Post a comment below if our pillows have enhanced your bedroom or any other space in your home! And if you’d like to buy more pillows – either for your own home décor needs or as the ultimate gift for your friends and family – you can visit our online store.
We’ve had tons of fun sharing the decorative creativity of Green Philosophy Co. fans in this series, and we’re not stopping just yet. Does your interior space use our plant pillows in a whimsical, exciting, or unexpected way? If so, snap a photo and send it to us – we’d love to feature it in a future installment of this home styling inspo series!
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I really like your pillows and have several different designs. They are so soft.

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