Creating a cozy home doesn't mean you have to make a million decor decisions and understand fine details. There are simple ways to turn your home into the personal sanctuary without a huge budget or design degree. 

If you spend a lot of time at work or school, having an intimate home to come back to can make all the difference in your productivity. We tend to forget that our environment lends an important factor to help us feel good and achieve the right mindset. Read on to learn how the right changes can enhance your mood and productivity. 

1. Add Plants

    Nothing livens up a space more than adding living plants to a room. Before purchasing any plant, look up the right plants for your space depending on how much light you get and how much maintenance you want to put in. There is a right plant for anyone. For example, succulents and cacti are perfect for those who do not have time to tend plants. If your room doesn't get much light, snake plants are a great option. Not only do plants help filter the air in your room, watching them grow and learning to care for one can be quite rewarding on its own. Check out why succulents and cacti can be a great first plant if you are new to raising plant babies. Hang plants from the ceiling, place them on a window sill, create an indoor living wall, or simply set them on the floor. 

    2. Use lighting creatively

      Depending on where you live, time of year, how big your windows are, or which direction you space faces, bringing the right amount of light into your room can be difficult. If your space is on the dimmer side, install LED strip lights under your cabinets, along picture frames, furniture, TV, and more to bring warm glows (or mood enhancing vibes) without lamps taking up precious square footage. Illuminate a magical environment with fairy string lights, or decor lights like neon signs, unique desk lamps, or DIY chandeliers. 

      3. Dress your walls with some art

        Blank walls can be daunting and makes your home feel sterile. Maximize your desk and floor space by putting things up on walls. Choose meaningful art and pieces that goes well with your furniture, photos, even objects. Wall art is not limited to paintings and photo frames. Try mirrors if you have a small space, or decorative shelves and hooks if you own a lot of stuff. 

        4. Make it Personal

          You may be inspired by what other people have in their homes, or scour Pinterest for the latest trends, but nothing makes your home feel like your own than adding personal touches. Frame collage pictures of loved ones, your favorite posters, and put up quotes that inspire you. Set up that reading corner you always wanted, or create that work area for your hobbies. Don’t be afraid to move furniture around or do some decluttering and tidying up to get intimate with your space and all the things you own.

          5. Choose your Colors and Textures

            Selecting the right colors and materials you like for your furniture is also an expression of your taste. You can easily transform a space with just color and texture. There are tons of resources and inspiration on the internet that you can review to find our what you like. Instead of matching everything, start with establish your own spectrum of colors and textures that go well together. You can add color and texture with textiles like throw pillows, blankets, to your bedding and curtains. Tie a room together with a rug to make it extra cozy.

            6. Consider all your senses

              Sight: The most obvious sense to use when decorating your space. The eyes see the forms, colors, textures, and personality of the space.

              Touch: Our eyes might sense the texture, but we are drawn to touch it. Whether it is smooth satin, grooved wood, or cooling metal, different textures draw people into a room. 

              Smell: Light up your favorite scented candles or incense to fill your space. Scents can be very evocative and spark memories, calmness, excitement, and focus. 

              Taste: Clean your microwave, food can taste better while it’s not cooking other bits left in there. Install a water filter to have fresh water on hand. Clean your refrigerator and stove top so the extra smells do not linger with your cooking. 

              Sound: Adding padded canvases, furniture, and rugs can help dampen unwanted noise. While adding music, especially if you have guests, can alter any atmosphere. Choose music that fits your vibes and the occasion. 

                And the final feeling of knowing without really knowing:

              Your Gut: This is the feeling of what's right or wrong without really knowing. If things don't feel right, rearrange furniture, toss junk, or take care of that smudge that keeps catching your eye but you never got around to it. Add final touches, or make last minute changes until you can sit down and feel relief and accomplishment at the same time. Don't get stuck on small decisions. Ultimately, if it makes you happy, it's the right decision. 


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              These are simple but great ideas. We forget the light and smell of a room makes a big difference. Thanks !!!

              Christine Bender

              These are simple but great ideas. We forget the light and smell of a room makes a big difference. Thanks !!!

              Christine Bender

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