Succulents and cacti have been trending not only as a popular house plant, but in prints, decor, and even wedding themes. Why are people so obsessed with these peculiar plants? These chubby plants are not only low maintenance and easy to grow, they are also a simple way to create an urban oasis that sparks wonder and lushness in your life

Let’s breakdown the 5 main reasons to love these eclectic plants:

1. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors

    Due to these plants’ need to survive in tough environments, these oddball plants have evolved to take on a variety of funny looking shapes and colors. From shapes like regular flowers to brain shaped growths, and colors like dusty mint to gradient pinks, it is no question that there is one for everyone. Like any plant, depending on how it is potted, watering pattern, and amount of sunlight, succulents and cacti can take on different growth patterns. With the variety of cute and peculiar pots available, you can easily create a living art sculpture or a unique arrangement display in the for your home, gifts, or to sell in your store. 

    2. They are easy to take care of (and water conservation)

      Succulents and cacti are known for their lack of need for water all the time. Their fleshy leaves and bodies store water so they can survive their native grounds. Primarily found in dry areas of the world, these babies are made to last in tough environments where water does not come by often. Their resilient properties and slow growth makes them a great plant for first time plant owners, people who are very busy or travel often, gifts for indoor and outdoor gardeners, and kids who want to learn more about plants.

      3. One can become many

      This brings us to the next great point. If your succulent is sick or not looking too well, you can save the roots, fallen appendages, or create cuttings to repot and propagate new ones. Allow cuttings to dry, clean off roots, and plant in well drained soil as usual. Start a new hobby by propagating fallen appendages or new cuttings. The best part is that you only need to start with one plant to create many.  

      4. Watching them grow can be like magic

        If you have cared for any plant through its growth cycles, you may have seen the many forms your plant can take on. From new appendages to ephemeral blooms, watching your plant take on life can be surprising and exciting.

        5. Plants add value to your life.

        The most obvious benefit is that plants provide oxygen and filter the air in our space. In addition to that, surrounding yourself with delightful things, naturally makes you happier and in a better mood. As you watch your plant baby grow, you can also draw on life lessons on adaptability, resilience, and overcoming struggles. Whether you grow your plants indoor or outdoors, they definitely add some goodness into your life.

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