4 Reasons Why This Blanket Is On Everyone's Gift Wishlist

1. Incredibly soft and cozy.

Imagine wrapping yourself in a warm cloud. That's what it feels like to snuggle up with our leaf blanket. Its large size makes it perfect for snuggling with a partner or even your furry friend. It's like a giant hug from a friendly bear (or Totoro), nestled right into its soft fur.

We recently got a leaf-print carpet for our living room and I knew I HAD to get Gloriosum Giant Leaf Blanket to go with it. I had been keeping the blanket and a couple of pillows bookmarked for some time, but I am SO happy I finally bought them. The blanket is soft and cozy and, most importantly, large enough to cover everyone on the couch!

- Caitlin S.

2. Plant vibes without the hassle.

Each day, countless plants suffer at the hands of forgetful owners. You don't have to be one of them. Our blankets offer an effortless way to enjoy the lively energy of plants without any maintenance. Embrace the greenery, hassle-free!

Freakin adorable! I’m so happy I ordered these! Well crafted, soft, and constructed in the same way the real plant is!! I’d recommend to any plant lover in my life!

- Delaney W.




3. More than just a blanket.

Our giant leaf blanket isn’t just for cuddling and sleeping under. It doubles as a cozy floor mat for your lounging pleasure or even as a building block for epic blanket forts. Get ready to unleash your creativity and embrace nature in a fun, practical way!

They look so cute with the leaf blanket and really brightens up the space with adorable additions to your bed!

- Chloe M.

4. Two free pillows when you buy a blanket!

We're throwing in even more cozy plant vibes for your home for free. We're throwing in even more cozy plant vibes for your home for free ($78 value)

Wonderful pillows! I ordered two more of these pillows for my family because I love mine so much. They are lifelike, unusual, beautiful and especially snuggly. They brighten up any setting with the freshness of a forest. Thank you Green Philosophy!! 🍃

- Betsy B.

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