Monstera Leaf Pillow

Bring the tropical vibes in! A staple for your staycation decor.

Jungle Green

Deep Forest

Mossy Earth

Paradise Pink

• Approx. 17 in. tall from top to leaf tip
• Approx. 2 in. thick when laid flat
• 100% polyester stuffing and micro-plush cover

" might want to get your hands on these plushy pillows ASAP "

"A must-have decor piece for those who can't get enough of succulents. Or plants in general."

"the greatest intersection of plants and decor"


It is no doubt the Monstera Deliciosa plant is a popular choice. With their large, glossy leaves that look like they've been playfully hole-punched by Mother Nature herself, these tropical beauties bring a touch of exotic flair to any room. They unfurl into wide curvy leaves; it just makes us want to hug them!

We designed our Monstera Leaf Pillow to capture the lovely heart-shared foliage with their iconic leaf holes. A cuddly version of these visually striking plants you can display all over your home.