Nature-Inspired Décor Both You and Your Cat Will Enjoy

This past year we have been forced to move all of our lives inside. While the change may make some things more convenient, it can disturb the work-life balance we once had. The only ones to keep us calm have been the cats by our sides. But even my tabby can tell that my stress levels have been higher than normal. As we move our work and personal lives into our homes, we should create calming spaces for both us and our feline friends. So that is why the soothing outdoors should be brought inside! Here are 10 calming nature-inspired items for both you and your cat.  

Modern Floral Cat Tree

This cherry blossom-inspired tree is the perfect floral addition to any home. Your cat can scratch the trunk or nap perched on the petals. This design was made by KBSPETS and can be purchased on Etsy here. 

 Giant Leaf Blanket

A super cozy leaf blanket that both cats and humans can enjoy! And it's big enough that you can share this blanket with your feline friend. A great addition that will provide a pop of color to any room. Get this comfy blanket from Green Philosophy Co.'s website here. 

 Cat Air Plant Holder

Can you think of any cuter way to hold your plants? I can't! This cat holder can safely hold your air plants and add charm to your living space. Get your cute air plant holder by FunUsualSuspects on Etsy here.

Macramé Cat Hammock

These hand-made hammocks are beautifully made with flowers in the design. They can be hung anywhere in your home and safely hold your cat. A perfect addition to any boho-chic, cottagecore, or nature-themed room. Get your hammock from Macramebeautiful on Etsy here.

Succulent & Plant Pillows

These comfy pillows are shaped like succulents, plant leaves, and other nature-inspired designs. They're so comfortable that even your cat will want to cuddle up with one. These pillows will bring life to any bed, couch, or chair! Get these great pillows from Green Philosophy Co.'s website here. 


Fairy House Cat Cave

Live your whimsical fantasy with this adorable fairy house cat cave! This is a great place for your cat to take a nap and relax. This cozy and beautiful wool cat cave will add the element of fantasy to your home. Get this cat cave from WalkingPalm on Etsy here.

Cozy Cat Bed

Your cat can curl up in their bed like an owl in a tree with this cat bed and end table all in one! You can store decorations, plants, and books on top while your cat stays cozy inside. A win-win all around. Get this cozy bed from PurrFurPL on Etsy here

Cat Scratching Post

What screams fantasy more than giant mushrooms? These durable scratching posts can entertain your cats all day while providing character to your living room. Get this fun scratching post from WilliamNivenArt on Etsy here

Cat Nest

This beautiful wicker cat nest can be placed atop any desk or table. Your cat can sit cozy beside you as you work at your desk. Get this cat nest from LovePawsPets on Etsy here.

Cat Shelves

Some cats just want to climb. If there's no tree for them to climb as they're stuck inside, this is the perfect alternative. These cat shelves can be securely installed on any walls. Your cat can now safely explore your house at any height! These fashionable and sturdy cat shelves can be bought from CatsMode on Etsy here

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