Eco-Concious Gifts for Dog Owners and Their Dogs

 It has been a stressful year for a lot of us. And our dogs were thankfully there to keep us calm. For better or worse, 2021 has left many people, and their dogs, trapped indoors. And the rapid shifts between commuting to working from home to back again has left many dogs confused. This holiday season you should thank your dog for all of their unconditional love.

But, being trapped inside has also taught many of us to be thankful for the natural world around us. We should give back to the planet to show our thanks to all that the Earth has provided us with too. So, to give back to both our pets and our planet, here is a list of eco-friendly gifts for your dogs! 

Beco Bamboo Dog Bowl

This eco-friendly bowl is made of bamboo powder and other natural materials. It's non-slip and super easy to clean. The bowl also comes in five fun colors! Get this bowl from the Beco Store on Amazon here

Green Philosophy Plant Pillows

As we've moved our lives inside, many of us have wanted to spruce up our living spaces. So why not add some of these super cute plant pillows! Both you and your dog can bring the natural world indoors with these pillows. They're comfortable, pet-friendly, and add charm to any living or work space. Green Philosophy Co. is partnered with "Trees for the Future" and will plant a tree for every purchase made! The products are inspired by nature and give back to the planet. Get these adorable pillows from Green Philosophy Co here! 

Doggie Lawn

Do you live in an apartment or in the big city? Is there no proper lawn for your dog to use? These doggie lawns are made of real grass and can act as a potty pad for your dog. These lawns are all natural and neutralize odors, last for weeks, and are green-bin friendly. Check out these doggie lawns by Doggie Lawn here

Cozy and Rustic Dog Bed

This rustic dog bed can tie together any room. Not only does it look great but it's also made from reclaimed wine bottles! How creative and eco-friendly is that? Get this great bed from HeadwatersBarrelCo on Etsy here. 

Gloriosum Double Layered Fleece Giant Leaf Blanket

This gorgeous giant leaf blanket adds that natural pop to any room. It's double layered and incredibly cozy. And it's huge! A perfect addition for a plant room, living room, or bedroom! Green Philosophy Co. is partnered with "Trees for the Future" and will plant a tree for every purchase made! The products are inspired by nature and give back to the planet. Get this cozy blanket from Green Philosophy Co. here!

Duraplush Soft Toys

These fun and durable dog toys are made of eco-friendly materials. And they're made right here in the USA. These toys are safe, long-lasting, and will lead to hours of play time for your dog. Get these toys from Cycle Dog here


Woven Dog Leash 

Looking for a new leash for your dog? Why not get a high quality and eco-friendly one? This leash is made of 100% recycled polyester. It is 60" long and comes in 5 super fun designs. Get your leash from United By Blue here.

Mushroom House Dog Toy

This whimsical and durable toy is handmade and made of recycled materials. This toy is great for fetch, great for chewing, and great to cuddle. And how adorable would it be to have these little mushroom fairy houses all around your home! Get this toy from OfficialWoofCo on Etsy here

Christmas Dog Bandana

The holidays are approaching us, and what is cuter than a holiday bandana for your dog? This handmade eco-friendly bandana is made of all certified organic materials. So get your pooch ready for holiday photos with these super cute bandanas. They come in various sizes and designs. Buy them from CastleCollarsUK on Etsy here

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