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Introducing Green Philosophy Co.

Growing up and living in a crowded city for most of my life, I always looked forward to a hike through the wooded parks or a weekend away from the bustle. I found myself escaping the rush of modern life to surround myself with life of a different kind. Something about nature and its diversity of life is very inspiring, humbling, and empowering. The best time is in spring or after it has rained and the color green flourishes.

In a modern sense, the color green can mean greed, money, and jealousy. More traditionally, green symbolize life, nature, freshness, safety, healing, and harmony. Many studies have shown the benefits of nature and the color green can have on one’s outlook on life and one’s self. My green philosophy is the idea that having the representation of nature and the art of lushness around us makes us more productive and happier because we feel belonging and safety, in turn, improving the quality of life and our well-being. 

We can feel a lack of connection to Mother Earth if we are constantly indoors for work, school, and at home (where we spend most of our time). Green Philosophy Co. aims to bring a piece of the outdoors in and create a restorative environment for your soul by combining artful design and nature with functional home décor and items. Whether you want to decorate a corner for an at home retreat, or just add a pop of life to your living areas, our products bring vitality with them. 

If you are a nature loving urbanist, looking for a gift, or just looking for some cute décor, check out our products to see if there is something for you (or just window shop for inspiration).


-L.L., Owner