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6 Tips to Make your Home Feel Cozier

  Creating a cozy home doesn't mean you have to make a million decor decisions and understand fine details. There are simple ways to turn your home into the personal sanctuary without a huge budget or design degree.  If you spend a lot of time at work or school, having an intimate home to come back to can make all the difference in your productivity. We tend to forget that our environment lends an important factor to help us feel good and achieve the right mindset. Read on to learn how the right changes can enhance your mood and productivity.  1. Add Plants Nothing livens up a space more than adding living plants to a room. Before purchasing any plant, look...

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5 Reasons We Love Succulents

Succulents and cacti have been trending not only as a popular house plant, but in prints, decor, and even wedding themes. Why are people so obsessed with these peculiar plants? These chubby plants are not only low maintenance and easy to grow, they are also a simple way to create an urban oasis that sparks wonder and lushness in your life Let’s breakdown the 5 main reasons to love these eclectic plants: 1. They come in a variety of species, shapes, and colors Due to these plants’ need to survive in tough environments, these oddball plants have evolved to take on a variety of funny looking shapes and colors. From shapes like regular flowers to brain shaped growths, and colors like...

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Introducing Green Philosophy Co.

Growing up and living in a crowded city for most of my life, I always looked forward to a hike through the wooded parks or a weekend away from the bustle. I found myself escaping the rush of modern life to surround myself with life of a different kind. Something about nature and its diversity of life is very inspiring, humbling, and empowering. The best time is in spring or after it has rained and the color green flourishes. In a modern sense, the color green can mean greed, money, and jealousy. More traditionally, green symbolize life, nature, freshness, safety, healing, and harmony. Many studies have shown the benefits of nature and the color green can have on one’s outlook on...

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