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DIY with Plant Pillows: Pillow Fort Edition

Stuck at home? Make the most of it and create a mini escape in the comfort of your home. You don’t need us to tell you that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyday life for people in America and around the world – and that includes how we spend our leisure time.

Even as we enter the holiday season, movie theaters, dine-in restaurants, bars, and other once-popular recreational options are still a no-go in many parts of the United States. Of course, that doesn’t mean you and the people in your household can’t still take time to have fun – you might just have to get creative. Fortunately, at Green Philosophy Co., we’re all about creativity!

 Here are three ways you can enjoy a pillow fort made with our very own plant pillows. (And/or any other pillows you want to use. It’s your fort, after all.)

Play Time

If you have kids, you already know how cooped up they feel right now – chances are, they’ve told you a few dozen times. A pillow fort is a great way to get them feeling engaged, and not just while they’re putting it together. Once your fort is done, your kids can pretend they’re on a summer camping trip or exploring a mysterious cave. The sky – or the sheets – are the limit! A pillow fort is the perfect place to play – for the young and the young at heart.

A pillow fort is the perfect place to play – for the young and the young at heart.


Cuddle Time

Even if you’re lucky enough to live with a romantic partner during these strange times, date nights can get a bit bland when you can’t actually go anywhere. So why not fix that by creating a fresh new destination in your very own home? A well-made pillow fort can transport you miles away, even when you haven’t left your living room.

Create your own romantic getaway while staying safely at home with a pillow fort.


Alone Time

We know, we know – it might feel like you’ve had all the solitude you’ll need for the rest of your life this year, and that’s doubly true if you’re an extrovert by nature. Still, if you live with roommates or family members, it can be nice to really get away from it all every now and then. Whether you want to meditate, read a good book, or just hide for a few minutes, a pillow fort is the perfect place to unwind.


In a pillow fort, you can take “me time” to the next level.


Pillow Fort 101

To fully appreciate the benefits of a pillow fort, you’re going to want to make sure yours is up to par. Here’s the method we use – based on our thorough testing, we think it’ll do the trick for you.

  • Step One: Start with your base. Any structure is only as strong as its foundation, even if it’s made entirely out of bedding. Good options include a rug, blanket, mat, or couch.
  • Step Two: Use blankets or sheets to make a roof. You can use furniture to prop up blankets. Sheets can be pinned to the wall, using clothespins to close gaps.
  • Step Three: Give your fort some structural integrity. Use pillows, cushions, and blankets to plug any holes that remain.
  • Step Four: Decorate! String lights and stuffed animals are popular options, but this is really up to you and your personal taste.

And that’s it! Hopefully, this’ll help make it easy for you to put your pillow fort together so you can focus on the fun stuff.


At Green Philosophy Co., we hope ideas like these – and the products we offer as part of our home décor brand – can give you some peace of mind as the pandemic continues. If this blog post inspired you to build a pillow fort of your own, or if you’ve discovered any other fun, fresh ways to use Green Philosophy Co.’s pillows and rugs recently, tell us all about it in the comments!

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